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Reported Speech Rules, Examples and worksheet No.19



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Read the given conversation and complete the following passage:

1.Meetu: Sudeep, where are you going?

Sudeep: I am going to the market to do some shopping for my mother.

Meetu: What do you wish to buy?

Sudeep: I have to buy a loaf of bread and some fruit.

Meetu met Sudeep walking on the road and (a)_____.  Sudeep replied that (b) _____ Meetu then inquired (c)______ to which Sudeep replied that (d) ______ .

  2.Mohit: Hello, Shubham. I haven’t seen you for ages. Where have you been all these years?

Shubham: I was in New Zealand for three years, I had gone there to do Masters in Hotel  Management. I just returned a week ago.

Mohit: Did you have a good time there?

Subham: Yes, I did. I finished my Masters in two years and then I worked there for a year.

Mohit: Are you back for good?

Shubham: No, I’m here for my sister’s wedding. I’ll be going back next week.

Mohit met Shubham after three years. After exchanging pleasantries, Mohit asked Shubham (a) _________ .Shubham replied that he had been in New Zealand pursuing his Masters in Hotel Management and said that (b) _________  . Mohit asked him (c) _________ Shubham replied in the affirmative and added that he had finished his Masters in two years and then he had worked there for a year. Mohit was curious to know if (d) _________ for good. Shubham negated said that he was there for his sister’s wedding and would be going back the following week.


1.(a) asked him where he was going

(b) he was going to the market to do some shopping for his mother

(c) as to what he wished to buy

(d) he had to buy a loaf of bread and some fruit

2. (a) where he had been all those years                 

(b) he had just returned a week before

(c) if he had a good time there                          

(d) he was back

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