Ranga’s Marriage- Important Extra Questions Value-Based Answer Type

By | October 7, 2021
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 Ranga’s Marriage

By- Maasthi Venkatesa Iyengar

 Value Based Questions and Answers of Ranga’s Marriage

1. The institution of child marriage is deep-rooted in our society. Laws are present to check it but it is still prevalent in society. It is an evil which laws alone cannot annihilate. Something more is to be done. Discuss.

  Ans.   Child marriage is prohibited by law in our country. Strangely enough, this social tradition is still prevalent in society. Child marriage is a social evil. Thus, this social evil needs treatment at the social level and this responsibility lies on the shoulders of the social organisations. They should carry out intensive awareness programmes against child marriage. To fight this evil, young boys and girls should willingly come forward to oppose this tradition. They should not give consent to such marriages. Child marriage snatches away childhood and its dreams. It makes a girlchild’s life a virtual hell. Motherhood at a tender age leaves her weak physically and mentally. As she is not well educated she does not know how to look after her children efficiently. The girls who become mothers at a tender age often die a premature death.

Those who try to perpetuate child marriage should be severely punished. The custodians of law, if found negligent, should be equally punished. More and more girls should be educated. Moreover, the girls must have more say when the question of their marriage crops up. Such measures can provide the only way to uproot this most heinous of the social evils.

2. To decry any language and any culture is not good. The bad thing is the unmindful aping of other cultures. Elucidate.

  Ans.   The widening influence of the western culture is all pervasive. Every culture has positive as well as negative points. Soaping any culture blindly is never good. English education has changed our lifestyle. It is good that it has made us broad-minded and we have rejected many age-old and outdated rites and rituals. Today, our women are no longer the slaves of men. They have their own say. But under the influence of western culture, we have ignored the good of our own culture. Junk food has replaced our healthy food. Materialism has made us forget the values of human relations. Cut-throat competition, a product of western culture has made us insensitive and brutish. Old Morals and values are forgotten. Marriage is a union of two families. So while having the right to choose one’s life partner one’s family’s role should not be ignored. We can conclude that we should try to form an amalgamation of positive points of different cultures and make this world a better place to live in.


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