1. Reading Skills Comprehension: Plants

By | July 3, 2021
Passage 6 - Plants (89 Words, Objective, Solved)


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions
Plants need sunlight and water to make their own food. You can do an experiment to test if this is true. Place a bucket over a patch of green grass. After a few days, lift the bucket. You will see that the grass is not as green anymore. If you leave the bucket in place for a week, the grass will become very dull. This happens because the grass cannot make food in the dark. Remove the bucket. In a few days, the grass will start turning green again.

1) What do plants need?
A. Buckets are bad                    B. Plants need sunlight                 C. Grass is not pretty

2) What is the experiment?
A. a way to grow grass              B. a way to test an idea                 C. a way to use a bucket

3) What happens after a few days?
A. The grass turns brown.        B. The grass gets very dull            C. The grass is not as green

4) What is the opposite of dull?
A. bright                                      B. brown                                            C. sunlight

5) According to the passage, how long does it take for the grass to become dull?
A. a month                                  B. a week                                            C. a few days

6) Why do plants need sunlight and water?
A. To do experiment                 B.- To make their food                     C.- To consume water

7). What happens after removing the bucket?
A. The grass becomes dull       B.- Grass can make food                   C.- Grass becomes green


1. Plants need sunlight                            2. a way to test an idea     

3. The grass is not as green                     4. bright

5. a week                                                      6. To make their food         

7. Grass becomes green

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