36.eading Skills Comprehension: CAMPS TO TAP CREATIVITY


As the dreaded examinations crawl to a halt, students look forward to the much awaited “creative outlets”, the summer camps to let off steam and spend their holidays. A summer camp is conducted over a short period of four to five weeks involving interesting and fun-filled activities. The colourful spectrum of summer camps provides a wide variety of activities which include artistic skills such as painting, origami, art, music, craft and also spoken English, cookery and computer courses. Not only this, the summer camps keep the child “fit as a fiddle” by imparting lessons in yoga, cricket, tennis and swimming.

With changing, times and trends parents have become productivity oriented. They want their children to learn through productive play unlike in the past when play just played. Today, the parents want to tap the potential of their children to the fullest. To achieve this aim, the summer camps afford an ideal opening for children to develop their hobbies and talents. The importance of creative play is often underestimated whereas the fact is that art and craft projects can excite even a young child’s imagination and promote a sense of great achievement. The little things that children make and take home give them a sense of achievement and pride when they show them to their parents.

Summer camps develop a child’s confidence and his ideas. They also encourage children to do things on their own. The camps are beneficial for hyperactive and aggressive children as they help channel their energies fruitfully by drawing out the best in them. They also promote mutual understanding not only among teachers and children but also bring about an interaction between the taught. This provides a good experience for a better future—a future of confidence.

  1. On the basis of your reading of the passage answer, the following questions

(a) What are the main activities in summer camps?

(b) How do summer camps keep the children healthy?

 (c) Nowadays what is the concept of parents about the play?

(d) “To achieve this aim” (line 10). What aim is the writer referring to here?

(e) “They also promote mutual understanding.” ‘They’ refers to

(f) Summer camps are particularly helpful for problem children who are ……

(g)Complete the list of qualities which summer camps help to develop in children :

 confidence, creativity, talents

(h) What is the writer’s opinion about the summer camps?


  1. (a)activities are fun-filled and interesting as well as they involve a variety of things like painting, music, craft etc.

(b) they impart lessons in yoga, cricket, tennis and swimming.

(c) They think that it should be creative and channelise the capabilities of their children.

(d) The aim is the parents’ desire to tap the potential of their children in full measure.

(e) the summer camps.                                   

(f) hyperactive and aggressive.

 (g) doing things on their own, mutual understanding

(h) The writer is very much positive regarding the summer camps and feels that they should be regularly organized.

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