Packing -Multiple Choice Questions in Quiz Part- 3

By | August 28, 2020

Packing is one of the chapters taken from Beehive. It is well explained through Packing Introduction, Message, Theme of Packing, Title, Packing Characters, Summary in English, Summary in Hindi of Packing, Packing Word meanings, Complete lesson in Hindi Packing, Extracts of Packing, Long answers, Short answers, Packing Very short Answers, MCQs of Packing and much more.


By- Jerome K. Jerome


1. After the author slammed the bag shut and strapped for the second time, he realized

(a)He had again forgotten his toothbrush

(b)He had forgotten to take out the soap

(c)He had packed the newspaper

(d)He had packed his spectacles inside

2. What was the time when the author finally shut the bag?

(a)10:00 pm

(b)10:05 pm

(c)10:05 am

(d)10:30 pm

3. What were the remaining items to be packed after 10:05 pm?


(b)Water bottles


(d)All of the above

4. Who said that they should start in less than 12 hours from that night of packing?




(d)Both (a) and (b)

5.Who agreed to do the rest of the packing?




(d)Both (a) and (c)

6. How did George and Harris begin their process of packing?

(a)In a sad mood

(b)In a tired mood

(c)In a light-hearted spirit

(d)In a responsible manner

7. According to the author, who is the worst packer in the world?





8. Looking at the piles of plates, cups, kettles, bottles and other things, the author thought that the packing process is going to become





9. How did George and Harris start the packing process?

(a)By breaking the glasses

(b)By breaking a plate

(c)By breaking a cup

(d)By pouring water in the floor

10. Who packed the strawberry jab on top of a tomato and squashed it?




(d)Both (a) and (b)


1.(d)He had packed his spectacles inside

2. (b)10:05 pm

3. (c)Hampers

4. (b)Harris

5. (d)Both (a) and (c)

6. (c)In a light-hearted spirit

7. (a)Harris

8. (c)Exciting

9. (c)By breaking a cup

10. (b)Harris

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