Packing- Characters of the Chapter

By | August 13, 2020

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By- Jerome K. Jerome



 Jerome is the narrator of the story and the entire gamut of events are depicted from his point of view. He is overconfident and rates his packing skills a bit too high. He is also arrogant and expects his friends to carry out the tedious part of packing while he sits back and passes orders. His friends, however, do not take him seriously and finally, he has to struggle while trying to pack the bag. Jerome is both clumsy and forgetful. He first forgets to pack the shoes and they can’t recall if he has put in his toothbrush or not. He unpacks the bag twice clumsily to accommodate the missing items. When his friends fumble while packing the hamper, he sits at the edge of the table and watches them because now it is his turn to have fun at their expense. However, he is an ordinary boy who ignores the shortcomings of his friends in the same way as he ignores his own.

George and Harris

 George and Harris are the friends of the narrator, Jerome. Both of them are as clumsy, ill-organised, forgetful and casual as Jerome. They commit mistakes even while doing ordinary tasks and keep repeating their mistakes. Like Jerome, they too are mistaken about their talent to pack stuff and are over-confident about their performance. They damage or spoil many things like cups, pies, tomatoes, butter and lemons while packing the hamper. Their action amuses the readers, especially when they misplace the butter and search for it all over the place. Somehow, in spite of making a fool of themselves, while packing for the trip, they don’t believe in any blame game and ignore each others’ mistakes.

Montmorency – the pet dog

Montmorency is the pet dog of the three friends – Jerome, George and Harris. He is a pampered pet and knows no restrains on his behaviour. His animal instinct to probe everything creates a nuisance for his masters. He likes to be a part of all the activities going on in the house and gets excited to see the boys packing things. He doesn’t mind being shouted at and does not even respond when they try to move him away from the packed stuff. He is a super energized pet and ’10 amount of scolding dampens his enthusiasm. He may ill-trained temperamental, destructive and meddlesome but he is loved by the readers as much as his masters.

His presence in the story makes it more interesting and amusing’.

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