Mijbil the Otter- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

By | August 20, 2020

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Mijbil the Otter

                                                By Gavin Maxwell


Q.1. Why was the author’s home at Camusfearna a fit place for an otter?

 Ans. It was a fit place for an otter because it was surrounded by water.

 Q.2. From where could Maxwell get an otter?      [H.B.S.E. Man-h. 2017 (Set-B)]

  Ans. He could get an otter from Tigris marshes.

 Q.3. Why did the author go to Basra?

  Ans. He went to Basra to collect and answer his mail from Europe.

  Q.4. Who visited his room in Basra?

  Ans. Two Arabs visited his room in Basra.

  Q.5. What was there in the sack?

  Ans. There was an otter in the sack.

 Q.6. Where did the otter sleep on the second night?

 Ans. On the second night, the otter slept on the author’s bed between his knees.

 Q.7. Why did the author book a flight to Paris instead of going directly to London?

Ans. He did not book a flight to London as the British airline would not fly an animal.

 Q.8. What did the author give the air hostess?

Ans. He gave the air hostess a parcel which contained fish for the otter.

Q.9. What name did the scientists give to Mij’ species?

 Ans. They gave his species the name of ‘Maxwell Otter’.

Q.10. How did the woman in the aeroplane react on seeing the otter?

Ans. She stood up on her seat and screamed out ‘A rat! A rat!’.

Q.11. Why was the otter named ‘Maxwell’s, Otter?

 Ans. The otter was named Maxwell’s otter because it was Maxwell who made this species know to the scientists.

Q.12. Where could Maxwell get an otter from?

Ans. Maxwell could get an otter from the Tigris marshes in Iraq.

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