CBSE Class 8 Message Format with Example- 3&4

By | July 12, 2021

3.Read the following conversation.

Ajay: Hello! Could I speak to Kiran?

 Kiran:  Speaking.

 Ajay: This is Ajay here.

 Kiran What’s up Ajay?

Ajay:   Its my birthday tomorrow. I am having a party at 6.30 p.m.

 Kiran : That seems fun. Where? At home, isn’t it?

Ajay: Yes, My mother has promised that we could have the first floor to ourselves

 Kiran :III certainly be there.

Ajay: Dome another favour. I have been trying to call Raj all morning. but I just cannot get him. His phone must be out of order. Will you please invite him for me?

 Kiran : Sure, I’ll do that immediately.

 Ajay : Thanks a lot’. Both of you make sure that you are luxe at 6.30 p.m. sharp.


After this telephonic conversation with Ajay, Kiran goes to Raj’s house next door. But he is not at home. So, Kiran leaves him a note. Write this note from Kiran in about 50 words.

Ans.                                                                       MESSAGE

Date: 5th July,2016

 Dear Raj,

Our friend, Ajay is celebrating his birthday on tomorrow at 6.30 p.m. in his house. You are cordially invited to attend the party.


Download the above Message in PDF

4. Read the telephonic conversation below and write a message to be left at Anu’s desk, telling her what the caller wanted to convey to her, in about 50 words.

Vikas:  Hello! Is it 564293? Could I speak to Anti who works in the sales section?

 Receptionist I’m sorry; Miss Anti has not come in yet.

Vikas I am her brother Vikas calling from Bhopal. Could you tell her that. her mother is serious and has been admitted to a hospital?

 Receptionist: I’m sorry to hear that Is there anything else you want me to convey to her?

Vikas:  Yes, please tell her that she should catch the evening flight and I’ll pick her up from the airport.

Receptionist: certainly do that. I’ll leave a message for her now as I am going out later. I’ll personally make arrangements for her to catch the evening flight to Bhopal. Please, don’t worry.

Vikas Thank you very much. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Ans.                                                                        MESSAGE

Date: 4th March. 2016

 Pear Anti,

Your brother Vikas had called. He said that your mother is serious and has been admitted to s hospital. So you should catch the evening flight to Bhopal and he will pick you up from the airport. I have already made arrangements for your travel.


Download the above Message in PDF

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