Julius Caesar at a Glance / Point Wise Summary

By | March 3, 2018

Complete Play at a Glance/ Point Wise Summary of the Play Julius Caesar-

  • Caesar’s wife Calpurnia sees a bad dream and asks Caesar not to go to the Capitol.
  • Most unnatural and horrid sights were seen by the watchman.
  • A lioness gave birth in the streets. The sky rained blood on the Capitol. Graves opened and dead

bodies came out of the graves.

  • Fiery warriors fought on the clouds and ghosts wandered and shrieked.
  • Calpurnia says that these ill-omens signal death and disaster.
  • Caesar is adamant on going out but relents and stays at home when Calpurnia begs on her knees.
  • Decius Brutus comes to take Caesar to the senate-house where the conspirators are in ambush to murder Caesar.
  • Caesar describes that Calpurnia saw in her dream blood rushing out of his statue through a hundred spouts.
  • Lusty Romans were bathing their hands in Caesar’s blood.
  • Decius deliberately gives a flattering interpretation of Calpurnia’s dream. He tells that her dream was fair and fortunate.
  • Caesar’s blood will bring a new life and vitality to Rome. Important people will preserve Caesar’s belongings as holy relics and memorials.
  • Metellus Cimber prays Caesar to revoke the order of his, brother’s exile.
  • Caesar remains firm and chides Cimber for his ‘low courtesies’.
  • Caesar is surrounded by the conspirators. Casca is the first to strike and then follow the others.
  • When Caesar sees Marcus Brutus stabbing him, Caesar utters in disbelief. “Even you, Brutus!” And Caesar dies.
  • The conspirators cry, “Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is Dead!”
  • Mark Antony makes peace with the conspirators but wants to be satisfied with the reasons for Caesar’s death.
  • Brutus assures Antony of his personal safety. He allows Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral after him. But he is not to speak against the conspirators.
  • Brutus tries to justify to the Roman mob the murder of Caesar. He killed Caesar not because he loved him less. He killed him because he loved Rome more than Caesar.
  • Brutus says that Caesar was killed because he was ambitious.
  • If his growing power was not checked, all the Romans would become bondmen and slaves.
  • The mob is satisfied with Brutus’s arguments. One of them cries: “Let him be Caesar”.
  • Antony is left alone with the mob. He is a wonderful orator who knows how to arouse the basic sentiments and passions of the mob.
  • Antony creates sympathy for Caesar. He tries to prove that Caesar was not ambitious. He was’ offered the crown thrice but he refused to accept it every time.
  • Caesar wept with the poor. He brought so many captives and enriched the treasury by leg conquests.
  • Antony reads Caesar’s will. Caesar left his private parks and orchards open for the people. The people of Rome were his heirs. He left 75 drachmas for every Roman in his will.
  • Antony proves that Caesar was not ambitious and Brutus and other conspirators were liars and murderers

.    •      The Roman mob is excited and agitated. They cry, “Most noble Caesar! We’ll avenge his death”.

 The people run after the conspirators and set out to burn their houses.

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