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By | May 9, 2018

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Welcome to the____20th______ edition of the annual magazine of ____ School Name_____ we are really proud and exuberant to acclaim that we are ready with all new hopes and hues to bring out the __th issue , which is going to surely unfold the unraveled world of the most unforgettable and precious moments of the school.

The magazine is to be viewed as a launch pad for the children’s creative urges to blossom naturally. As the saying goes, mind like parachute works best when opened. This humble initiative is to set the budding minds free allowing them to roam fee in the realm of imagination and experience to create a world of beauty in words.

The enthusiastic write ups of our young writers are indubitably sufficient to hold the interest and admiration of the readers. This souvenir is indeed a pious attempt to make our budding talents give shape to their creativity and learn the art of bing aware because I believe that or success depends upon our power to perceive, the power to observe and the power to explore. We are sure that the positive attitude, hard work, sustained efforts and innovative ideas exhibited by our young buddies will surely stir the mind of the readers and take them to the surreal world of unalloyed joy and pleasure. We have put in relentless efforts to bring excellence to this treasure trove.

The school is an incarnation of self-respect, love, affection, sensibility; responsibility and compassion which puts the students into a “State of flow” and makes them genuinely wan to learn. We recognize, appreciate, applaud and foster the fine blend of sensibilities in a child changing a negative outlook from drab and demoralized to bright and expectant. This school attains its eminence in the first place through the achievement f children. The magazine also espouses the School spirit which is built up within the school through the collective actions, thoughts and aspirations. All these, I believe would spur higher growth and enterprise in children.

It gives me immense pleasure to ensure that this magazine has successfully accomplished its objective. The reflection of the students’ creativity and achievements is the epitome of the magazine. Students have put forth their ideas and thoughts that are too deep to be expressed and too strong to be suppressed. This magazine is before you de to the combined efforts of the Editorial Board, ____________ I take the opportunity to thank all the contributors as their contribution is the reason that makes this magazine endearing with our readers.

Helen Keller rightly says that the world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker. This herculean task of editing this school magazine would not have been possible without the sincere support of the members of the Editorial Board who sorted of the articles from the flood of articles we had got from our enthusiastic and inquisitive young writers, edited them and finally made a fair draft of them. I am thankful to all my colleagues who dipped their oars int the turbulent water of the journal and have sailed it to the shore of publication. It is a fine thing to have ability but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test. I am really thankful to our respected Principal for entrusting us with the responsibility of editing. I take this opportunity to thank all the dignitaries for sparing their valuable time to send their best wishes for the magazine in the form of ‘Messages’. I heartily wish all the readers my best wishes and hope this souvenir will enjoy your critical acclaim and prove itself to play a vital role in the all-round development of the children.

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