102. Reading Skills Comprehension: Enormous Increase in Population

By | April 21, 2020
Enormous Increase in Population

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Enormous Increase in Population

Why is this enormous increase in population taking place? Is it really due to the spread of the knowledge and the practice of what is coming to be called Death control. You have heard of birth control. Death control is something rather different. Death control recognizes the work of the doctors and the nurses and the hospitals and the health services in keeping alive people who, a few years ago, would have died of some of the incredibly serious killing diseases, as they used to be. Squalid conditions, which we can remedy by an improved standard of living, caused a lot of disease and dirt. Medical examinations at schools catch diseases early and ensure healthier school children. Scientists are at work stamping out malaria and other more deadly diseases. If you are seriously ill there is an ambulance to take you to a modern hospital. Medical care helps to keep people alive longer.


(a) Why is the population increasing rapidly?

(b) What does the author mean by Death control?

(c) Why did so many people die in the past?

(d) What do the doctors and health services do?

(e) What efforts are being done by the scientists?

(f) Find words in the passage which mean the same as (i) vast (ii) unbelievable.


(a) The population of the world is increasing rapidly due to the practice of death control.

(b) By ‘Death Control’ the author means that diseases have been prevented or controlled. Fewer people are dying and so the population is increasing.

(c) In the past, a number of people died due to squalid or dirty conditions.

(d) The doctors and nurses keep people alive longer.

(e) The scientists are at work stamping out malaria and other more deadly diseases.

(f) (i) enormous (ii) incredible.

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