Description English Example No.7 & 8

By | February 16, 2019

Description writing is an important part of English paragraph writing. You might be listening to the words of various descriptions like description of a person, description book so you might be searching for various description example, description English, descriptive essay, description example paragraph. Here we are providing the description of

Cracks in the joint family system have worsened the condition of the old people. They are left to die. Recently an old woman was left in a garbage dump and she passed away after two days. Describe the incident.

Ans.                                         OLD WOMAN LEFT ON ROAD

(by Rama)

Cracks in the joint family system have increased the sufferings of the old people. Recently an old lady was found left in a garbage dump to fend for herself by her grandsons. People from the Old-Age Home picked her up and brought her to their place. She was given food and medicines. But soon she developed a breathing problem and died before a doctor could be summoned. The authorities have ordered an enquiry to ascertain if the ill-treatment meted out to the old lady was responsible for her death.

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You are Gautam/Gita. Your school has built a well-planned auditorium to hold cultural and academic meets. Write a factual description of the auditorium.

Ans.                                                     NEW AUDITORIUM—A LANDMARK

(by Gautam)

Recently a well-planned auditorium to hold cultural and academic meets was built in Sachdeva Public School. It is spacious, rectangular in shape covering about 30000 sq. ft. carpet area. Situated in one corner, connected with a covered verandah to the main building, it can seat 1000 people. Well ventilated, having huge exhaust fans it has 4 entrances and 4 exits. It has 4 green rooms with attached bathrooms and a big stage platform. Fully equipped with fire fighting equipment, it has a lobby to contain rush. Its sound system is of world standards. The school is proud of this elegant and beautiful possession.

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