Deep Water- Theme & Title

By | July 7, 2020

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Deep Water

                                           By-William Douglas

Theme / Central Idea of the Lesson. Analysis of Deep Water


 The author William Douglas talks about his fear of water and how he finally overcame it. He narrates an autobiographical incident that occurred when he was ten or eleven years old and almost drowned in the Y.M.C.A swimming pool. As a result, he developed a fear of water, which he was able to conquer after several years by sheer determination.

Theme (2)

‘Deep Water’ deals with the childhood fear of Douglas. A misadventure at the YMCA pool developed an aversion of water in him and he suffered from hydrophobia. The chapter focuses on the fact that childhood fear must never be treated lightly. If they are not tackled, then they make deep inroads into one’s psychology. Douglas analyses his fear and finally determines to overcome it.

Justify the title of Deep Water

Justification of Title

This extract is appropriately entitled “Deep Water”. The author recounts his fear of swimming following an incident in which he had been swept away by a wave. Another incident which further aggravated his fear was when a bully pushed him into the deep side of a swimming pool and he nearly drowned. But slowly he overcomes his fear through determination and strong will. He even took the services of an instructor. He swam in different pools and lakes to overcome his fear. The title also signifies that the author’s fear was a deep-rooted one. In short, the title is appropriate.

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