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By | July 7, 2020

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Deep Water

                                           By-William Douglas

                                      VALUE BASED QUESTIONS                                                                              

Q1. Roosevelt said, “All we have to fear is fear’. Do you agree? Take evidence from ‘Deep Water’ and express your views in 120-150 words.

Ans. Roosevelt rightly said that it is fear that is the greatest impediment in the path of success. It hampers progress as it limits us. It is only when we overcome the fear that we can achieve success.

 Douglas had an aversion for water. It deprived him of activities like swimming, boating, fishing and canoeing. He decided to take steps to overcome this fear. He resolved to learn swimming by engaging an instructor. The instructor built Douglas into a swimmer. In six months he conquered his fear. However, even though he could now swim, he still felt terrified of water. With willpower and determination, he gradually overcame fear.

 Q2. Douglas was tossed into the pool by a bruiser of a boy Bullying is prevalent in schools and colleges. Write an article on ‘Bullying, a threat to the development of a child.’

 Ans. Douglas had developed a fear of water since childhood. At the Y.M.C.A Swimming Pool, a big bruiser of a boy suddenly played a dangerous prank and pushed him into the water. The narrator was frightened.

Bullying can cause long-term problems to the victims of bullying. Educators and students themselves have to take measures to curb this problem. Children must take the initiative and report the cases immediately to parents and teachers. Douglas, with his determination and perseverance, could overcome his fear. Similarly, victims of bullying can also do so. It is important for children to have open communication with parents.

3. Cases of older children bullying younger ones have become alarmingly common, especially in the school How would you connect it to William Douglas’ experience at the YMCA swimming pool? Wh at is the mindset of the modern youth that is reflected through such incidents? Which values do you think we must imbibe in order to change?

 Ans. Bullying at school or at college is common. Senior students making fun and at times physically assaulting and mentally torturing the juniors have become very common nowadays. This is what happened with Douglas at the YMCA pool when a big bruiser threw him into the deep water. The youth today When that by such acts they want to showcase their might. But they fail to understand that the one who exerts his might on the weaker is the weakest. We need to speculate the reason for bullying others and also the way to fight such bullies and to save ourselves. The first quality that the youth needs to nurture is confidence in themselves and to be free from any complexes. They need to be honest and accept their weakness or shortcomings bravely. They should never pretend to be over smart. On the other hand, they should not allow everyone to order them or unnecessarily overpower them. The present youth must imbibe the toughness, right approach, willpower and concerted efforts. Thus, if the present generation is vigilant, confident and cautious, evils like bullying will soon be overcome.

4. There is terror only in the fear of death’, as Roosevelt knew when he said, ‘All we have to fear is fear itself.’ Coming face to face with fear, instead of suppressing it, helps one to do away with it completely, just like Douglas did in the story ‘Deep Water’. What qualities should one possess to live a rich and fulfilling life by overcoming fear?

 Ans. Fear is just a state of mind and as Roosevelt has rightly said, ‘All we have to fear is fear itself.’ No doubt, if one wants to live a fulfilled life, one must get rid of all kinds of fears that restrict one’s happiness. But most of us live in the fear of one thing or the other throughout our life. One needs to be strong and determined, like Douglas, to overcome fear. When he was flung into the pool by a bruiser, Douglas did not give up. Though fearful, he showed his determination to save himself by attempting three times to come on the surface. In spite of being hydrophobic, Douglas decided to conquer his fear of water. It was only due to his willpower and perseverance that the instructor could build a swimmer out of him. His persistent efforts and rigorous practice were the key factors. Even after the instructor told him that he had become a swimmer, Douglas tested himself by swimming in different lakes and finally got satisfaction at Warm Lake. It was his steadiness and tenacity which empowered him to fight and shed away the fear from his mind.

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