20. Describing Person: A Quarrelsome Neighbour

By | August 6, 2020
A Quarrelsome Neighbour

Describing a person or writing a biographical sketch is not a tough task. Edumantra describes what is bio sketch? Click the Link above and go through bio sketch format as well as bio sketch exercises and have a nice experience of bio sketch writing. Basically earlier there are were bio sketch exercises for class 8 but presently it is a part of class 9 CBSE Syllabus of Language and Literature. Just dive in for how to write a bio sketch and understand the real meaning of bio sketch.

Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

(a) A Quarrelsome Neighbour

Ans.                                                 A Quarrelsome Neighbour

A quarrelsome neighbour breeds hell on the earth. He never allows a moment of rest or respite to others. He is short-tempered and may flare up at tit-bits of daily routine. Even small incidents inspire him to use his aggressive faculties and quarrelsome abilities. People in the entire neighbourhood avoid him lest they should provoke him to indulge in quarrelling. Dishonest and drunkard neighbour spoils the peace hours of the surrounding by abusing and beating his wife and children. It is rightly said: A good neighbour is a blessing; a bad neighbour is a curse. 0 God, save us from quarrelsome neighbours.

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