89. Reading Skills Comprehension: Film Industry

By | May 13, 2023
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Film Industry

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:                          

The film industry is facing a significant challenge from the television screen, which is becoming increasingly popular due to its ready availability and proximity to entertainment seekers. Although television programmes are now an indispensable part of daily life in the West, sustained entertainment for large audiences lasting two or three hours is still only possible in big cinema halls. The cinematic experience, with its scenic beauty, background effects, and color techniques, cannot be fully reproduced by television programme organizers. Hence, despite becoming a major rival to the cinema, this important invention in the field of wireless communication may not succeed in completely replacing it.

In addition to its entertainment value, the motion picture has emerged as a powerful agent of goodwill and cooperation among nations, facilitating cultural contacts that reduce tension and promote harmony in international relations. By helping people understand and appreciate the past history, present aims, customs, habits, and beliefs of men and women in foreign lands, films can inspire them to establish friendly relations and remove irritants that breed distrust, lack of cooperation, and the desire to punish those with different views and attitudes. As cultural agents, movies can cement ties of love and brotherhood among nations and teach them to share the benefits of all the rich and glorious achievements of the present enlightened age.

In recent years, artists from the film world have been visiting foreign lands to present the best products of their cultural heritage before audiences in those countries. Film festivals, which many European and Asian countries have been organizing from time to time, have also proved immensely valuable in reducing social barriers, color prejudices, and other causes of friction between nations. By providing a platform for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue, cinema has become a powerful tool for fostering peace, understanding, and mutual respect among people of different backgrounds and nations.


1. Name the source from which the film industry is facing the challenge.

2. Why has TV become very popular?

3. Name three things that can’t be reproduced by television programme organisers?

4. How do films become agents of goodwill and cooperation among nations?

5. What brings harmony and reduces international tension?

6. What do ‘irritants’ breed among nations?

7. What can movies teach the nations to confer on each other?

8. How have the film festivals proved to be of immense value?


1. The film industry is facing the challenge of the television screen these days.

2. The television has become very popular due to its ready availability and nearness to the entertainment seekers.

3. Scenic beauty, background effects and colour techniques which make cinema so attractive can’t be reproduced by television programme organisers.

4. Films have become agents of goodwill and cooperation among nations as they cement cultural contacts among them.

5. Cultural contacts among nations bring harmony and reduce tension among them.

6. Irritants only breed mistrust, lack of cooperation and conflicts among the nations.

7. Movies can teach them to confer on each other the benefits of all the rich and glorious achievements of the age.

8. Film festivals have proved to be of immense value in reducing social barriers, colour prejudices and frictions among nations.

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