56. Reading Skills Comprehension: Discipline for Democracy

By | July 29, 2020

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Discipline for Democracy

Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions:-

Discipline for democracy, development and decency in public life needs no reiteration nor does it require any expert to espouse its cause for personal pose and social solidarity. Discipline should be the order in public life is the crying need of the hour more than ever before. Discipline stands for training, especially of the mind and character, aimed at producing self-control, obedience in the face of temptation or provocation.

Discipline in public life ensures peace and harmony, which in turn offer impetus to the forces of progress and prosperity. No country, big or small, can afford to play duck and drakes with the deity called discipline. All talk of equity or social justices becomes a cry in the wilderness or a pompous promise if the ‘powers that be’ fail to comprehend and carry out the dictates of discipline at all costs and in all situations. With discipline as a way of life, all plans, policies and programs are bound to bear fruit. Whenever people in public life or in private enterprise dilute the demands of discipline, most aspirations and achievements goastray, leading to failure and frustration at various levels. Discipline for countries like India which are standing at the threshold of economic breakthrough and a stupendous store of opportunities, it’s the most immediate and urgent pre-requisite. Discipline for the rulers and the ruled is an essential ingredient if we mean business in fields and factories.

 The recent outbreak of ‘plague’ and the wrong signals that this ‘limited epidemic sent across the world, was not an act of God as some would like us to believe but the regretful result of unpardonable negligence on the part of civic authorities. The woeful way the routine calls of duty and discipline by paid public servants were given a go-bye, is a matter of crying shame for one and all. The heaps of garbage in towns, cities and metros were allowed to rot and their removal left to rag-pickers speak volumes of the callous attitude towards disciplined and devotion to duty. It is high time that we sit up and do serious heart-searching.

The ease with which state opposition sponsored `Bandhs’ are organised in our country is another area of concern. With discipline in public life under a cloud, the entire socio-economic momentum is brought to a grinding halt. When such is the sadistic approach towards discipline, there is nothing that can come to our rescue if some bigger calamity overtakes us in future.  The remedy of so many ills that afflict us today lies not in tall talk but in the restoration of discipline in public life. Discipline is the only route that can take us to our rightful place among the comity of nations.

A.Answer the following questions briefly:   

(i) What is the advantage of discipline in public life?

 (ii) What happens when discipline is diluted on public or private life?

(iii) Why is discipline important for India?

 (iv) Why is the entire socio-economic momentum brought to a grinding halt?

B. Find words in the passage which convey the similar meaning of the following words by choosing the correct option:

 (i) forward motion ………………..

 (a) impetus                 (b) threshold

 (c) reiteration            (d) espouse

 (ii) essential component……………..

 (a) drake                    (b) ingredient

(c) pre-requisite          (d) callous

 (iii)desire to achieve things………….

 (a) stupendous           (b) go-bye

(c) callous                    (d) aspiration

(iv) surprisingly impressive or large …………..

(a) comprehend          (b) provocation

(c) reiteration             (d) stupendous


(A) (i) Discipline in public life ensures peace and harmony, which in turn offer impetus to the forces of progress and prosperity.

(ii) When discipline is diluted in public or private life, most aspirations and achievements go astray, leading to failure and frustration at various levels.

(iii) We stand at the threshold of economic breakthrough and a stupendous store of opportunities.

(iv) Lack of discipline in public life.

(B) (i) impetus            

(ii) aspiration

(iii) ingredient                        

(iv) stupendous

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