95. Reading Skills Comprehension: History Books

By | February 8, 2020

Reading Skills get sharpened by unseen passage reading comprehension test. We provide reading comprehension exercises with answers. Go through reading comprehension passages with multiple choice questions will help you in reading comprehension questions. We provide simple comprehension passages with questions and answers which have value based questions. These unseen comprehension passages are really helpful to all. Go through this reading comprehension pdf and reading passage worksheets to learn English.

History Books

Read the Passage carefully and answer the following Questions:-

Most of the people who appear most often in history books are great conquerors and generals. Strangely enough, the people who really helped civilization forward are often never mentioned at all. We do not know who made the first boat or calculated the length of the year. But we know all about our killers and destroyers. We raise statues to them simply because they fought bravely. But even animals fight. So do the savages. To fight is not to be civilized. Moreover, there are other ways of settling quarrels among men and nations. So really civilized people have been those who have brought peace and happiness to mankind. They have been prophets, saints, doctors, inventors and discoverers. They have been truly great since instead of inflicting pain and hardships on humanity, they have healed their wounds. Instead of killing they have saved human lives. They really deserve our admiration and respect.

Questions :

1. Which people appear most often in history books?

(a) great scientists                                          (b) great conquerors and generals

 (c) great explorers                                         (d) great agriculture experts

2. Which people are never mentioned at all in history books?

(a) great generals                                            (b) great conquerors

(c) men who helped civilization forward        (d) foreign invaders

3. Whom do we know all about?

(a) the man who made the first boat 

(b) the man who calculated the length of the year

(c) great saints and prophets

(d) great killers and destroyers

4. For whom do we raise statues?

 (a) scientists                                                   (b) killers and destroyers

(c) saints                                                          (d) doctors

5. What is common between men and animals?

(a) they both have brain                                 (b) they both think

(c) they both fight                                           (d) they both can speak

6. Which of the following does not deserve our respect?

(a) destroyers                                                  (b) saints

 (c) doctors                                                      (d) inventors

Answers :


2. (c),

3. (d),

4. (b),

5. (c),


Download the above Passage in PDF Worksheet (Printable)

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