Class-7 Creative Paragraph Writing No.28, 29 & 30

By | January 15, 2019

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28. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         MY VISIT TO A TOY SHOP

Yesterday my nephew asked me to buy a toy for him. l took him to a big and famous toy shop in our city. There were all kinds of toys in the shop. The shop had many sections and there were different types of toys in each section. In one section there were toys for very small children or infants. These were the toys which produced musical sounds on shaking them. Some of these moved when they were wound. One section of the shop had toy animals. There were teddy bears, small horses, dogs, camels and other toy animals. Another section sold costly electronic toys. These toys operated with a battery. There was a railway engine which gave a whistle, threw light and moved very fast when operated. The main feature of this engine was its electronic eye. If there was a bather on the way, the engine automatically turned to the left. I purchased a few toys for my nephew and came out.

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29. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         When I CELEBRATED MY BIRTHDAY

Last month, I celebrated my 16th birthday. It was celebrated with pomp and show. The big drawing room of our house was decorated beautifully. My father had invited all his close friends. I had invited all my class-fellows. Many families from our colony were invited. The birthday cake was big and beautifully made. Sixteen candles were put on it. These candles showed that it was my sixteenth birthday. I touched the feet of my parents and received their blessings. Then I blew out the sixteen candles one by one. All the guests shouted with joy, “Happy birthday to you.” Then I cut the birthday cake and distributed its small pieces among the guests. I got beautiful presents from my near and dear ones. My father had arranged an orchestra for this purpose. It presented a very good programme of music. In the end, the guests were given dinner. I will never forget my sixteenth birthday.

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30. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         THE SCENE AT A CROWDED INDIAN MARKET

A crowded Indian market presents an interesting scene. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. There are all kinds of shops in a crowded Indian market. The rush increases in the evening. The maximum number of customers can be found in the shops selling cloth or the ladies’ items. Most of these customers are ladies. They purchase cloth of the late st fashion or the items of their make up like powder, Lipstick, hair oil, etc. Some shopkeepers do not have regular shops. They sell their wares on the footpath. They also attract a large number of customers because their goods are cheaper than those sold in the shops. But often the quality of their goods is not good. Their goods also have no guarantee. Sometimes they cheat their customers. Hawkers can also be seen in a busy market. They sell their things on rehris or on their heads. There are some wayside restaurants or eating places. You can see big crowds there also. Thus a busy Indian market presents a colourful scene.

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