Class-7 4. Speech Writing : If You Want Peace, Keep Your Powder Dry

By | February 12, 2019

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Very paradoxical, it seems that if you want peace to be prepared for war, keep your powder dry. But the saying is all true. A weak nation any time can become prey to aggression. The balance of power is a must for preserving peace. Write a speech on the topic—if you want peace, keep your powder dry.

Ans. Dear Friends

My topic touches a paradox and it is `If you want peace, keep your powder dry’. When I say–if you want peace, keep your powder dry–do 1 not sound contradictory? But I am right. China attacked us because we were not prepared. America snubbed Japan because it was well prepared. Again America made Iraq the victim of aggression because Iraq could not keep its powder dry. Are not these happenings reality? Today we are well prepared.

Can China dare to attack us now? The powerful can dictate terms to the less powerful. People preach the removal of the cause of war, discontent, and disparities and want to promote a weaponless society. They ask others to have faith in cooperation, philosophy of ‘live and let live’ and remove and eliminate racialism, fanaticism, terrorism and imperialism. And peace will be established automatically.

All these things are sermons, difficult to follow and achieve. So nothing but power, keeping your powder dry and preparedness for any eventualities can guarantee peace. It is a reality and it must be understood well. Thank you.

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