Class-7 3. Speech Writing : ‘Moral Education’

By | February 12, 2019

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Indiscipline is on the rise, and though academicians have introduced moral education, everybody knows that our education system is such that there are hardly any periods allocated are it. The lack of moral education is the root cause of many evils in society. Moral education can go a long way in building character. Write a speech on ‘Moral Education’.

Ans. Dear Friends

 I am talking on a subject which you shun the most but which you also need the most. It is “Moral Education”. Indiscipline has made inroads in all walks of life. We call it bad names but do nothing to nip it. We know the remedy but dare not prescribe it. How sad it is!

Although there are one or two periods allocated to “Moral Education” in schools, what is generally done is to just read out the chapters in the class. Whereas what really is needed is that parents, as well as teachers, teach by example. Parents have to behave like responsible citizens in order to teach their children the values of life.

Don’t we laugh at a differently abled person? Don’t we disobey our teachers and elders?

The major cause of such an insensitive attitude is the lack of moral values in our character. Moral education can teach the lesson of cooperation, goodwill and brotherhood. It can uplift our mind and ennoble our soul. It teaches us to respect human life and to be courteous and kind to all creatures. All this in return makes us disciplined. And what else do we want?

Thank you.

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