Class-5 Creative Paragraph Writing No.25 & 26

By | January 15, 2019

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25. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     MY VILLAGE

 I live in Kishanpur village. It is in Kurukshetra district. It is a small village. There are only three hundred families in it. All the people of the village live like brothers. Our village is a model village. The streets are paved with bricks. People live in pucca houses. People do not throw the dung in the streets. Most of the people of our village are farmers. But some people are in service also. My village has a high school. It has a small dispensary. There is a library. Our village has a small post office. There is a well outside the village. People draw water from the well. There is a big banyan tree in the village. People take rest under it. The people of my village are hard-working. I am proud of my village.

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26. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     THE HOUSE I LIVE IN

I live in a big house. It was built about fifty years ago by my grandfather. But it still has a fresh and new look. It is a single storey house. It has five bedrooms, one-dining-room, one drawing-room, kitchens, bathrooms and stores. All the rooms are airy and spacious. The rooms are decorated with curtains and paintings. There is a beautiful paint on all the walls. There is ample yard in the front and the back of the house. In the front, we have a small garden where there are a number of beautiful plants and one Gulmohar tree. There is a municipal park near our house where children play. Our house is situated in a good colony which has wide open lanes. Our house faces east so there is no problem of light and air. I am proud of my house.

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