Class-4 Passage-4 BEARS (150 Words objective unsolved)

By | April 14, 2018

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 Read the passage and answer the following  question

Bears are found in Europe, Asia, Africa and America they are massively built, with short tails and thick legs. Bears are not really carnivore. They eat almost anything the chief exception in the polar bear which in its natural state lives on fish and seals. However, in captivity, they seem to enjoy meat, vegetables, fruits, milk, rice and porridge.

Bears are not quite as dangerous as people imagine them it be like most animals, they will do their best to avoid human being. However bears are by no means cowardly animals. Many hunters have been killed by bears for they can be extremely dangerous and cunning.

Bears have a strong sense of smell but they have very poor eye-sight. They are also dull of hearing but they are very intelligent.

Q.1) Where are bears found ?

(a) America     (b) Australia           (c) None of the above


Q.2) What does a bear eat in captivity ?

(a) Milk   (b) Fish  (c) Seal   (d) trees


Q.3) What does bear avoid like most animal ?

(a) Hunters     (b) Human being    (c) fish  (d) none of the above


Q.4) What kind of animal is bear ?

(a) coward   (b) cunning  (c) helpful   (d)  quiet


Q.5) What is the strongest sense of a bear ?

(a) touch  (b) sight  (c) smell   (d)  hearing


Q.6) Who have been killed by bears ?

(a) Humans   (b) animals   (c) hunters   (d)  birds


Q.7) The bear are massively built with short tail and thin legs.

(write true of false)


Q.8) Bears are not carnivore animal.

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