Class-3 Passage-1 FROG (200 Words Objective Unsolved)

By | April 17, 2018

Following are the reading comprehension worksheets  for class 3rd in English These comprehension passages are known by many names as reading comprehension exercises, reading comprehension test, reading passages, reading skills, reading comprehension, ks2 reading , basic reading skills worksheets.  These ENGLISH short stories with questions and answers are printable and absolutely free. The  comprehension questions are value based. guarantees to be the best comprehension resource. Question types include subjective, objective and multiple choice  


 Read the passage and fill in the blanks           

A frog was once so charmed by the cuckoo’s sweet voice that he begged the bird to teach him to sing ‘My only ambition in life is to be able to sing like you,’ cooked the frog, hope bulging in his eyes. The cuckoo loved being admired. He agreed to take on the frog as his pupil. Day after day, he sat on a branch over hanging the pond and instructed the frog. ‘saa, ree gaa’, the cuckoo would trill musically. sea ree, gaa’ would cock the frog, trying hard to soften his harsh voice. A week passed and then two, the cuckoo continued to work hard although all that his pupil limited by way of song was a series of croaks in different voted, soon, the cuckoo began hearing his pepil in his dream. He would wake up showering and a feeble croak would escape his beak. One day, the cuckoo’s nightmose turned into reality. In the midst of a lesson, his once lovely voice came out as a harsh crook. He stopped and as his surprised pupil watched, tried again. All that come out was an ear splitting ‘Caaww…caawww ! and this is how crow came into being.

1.The frog was once so __________ by cuckoo’s voice.

2.My only ___________ in life is to sing like you.

3.The cuckoo loved being _____________ .

4.He _____________ to take frog as his ___________.

5.Day after day he sat on a ____________ overhanging the pond.

6.The cuckoo continued to ___________ hard.

7.Soon the cuckoo began hearing his __________ in his dreams.

8.One day the cuckoo’s __________ turned into reality.

9.He stopped and, as his surprised pupil _________, tried.

10.All that came out was an ear ____________ ‘caaww caaww’

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