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By | August 13, 2020

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                                           By-ALBERT EINSTEIN

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson- A TRUE BEAUTIFUL MIND


[Page 36 ] Genius = great natural ability प्रतिभा ; reigns =  sovereignty,प्रबलता ; journals = magazines,पत्रिकाएं ; cosmos = universe,  ब्रह्मांड ; transformed = converted, स्थानांतरित कर दिया ; synonyms = of the same meaning, समानार्थक; indication = symptom, संकेत; destined = fixed, निर्धारित किया हुआ; contrary = opposite, विपरीत; freak = abnormal, असाधारण; uttered = spoke, बोल ा, उच्चारण; profession = career, business, व्यवसाय I

[Page 37] Amateur = doing something for personal enjoyment,नौसिखिया ; maintaining = keeping, बनाए रखना ; regimentation = discipline, अनुशासन; clashed = got in dispute, उलझ पड़न ा; stifled = suffocated, दम घुटन ा; prolonged = detailed/lengthy, विस्तृत; liberal = that understands other opinions, उन्मुक्त; gifted = special quality,विशेष योग्यता ; appealed = pleased, प्रसन्न करना ;

dashing =sprinted, उत्साहित ; walrus = sea-horse, दरियाई घोड़ा ; Serb = citizen of Serbia, सर्विया की नागरिक l

[Page 38] Ally = an associate, साथी ; philistines = the people who do not like art, literature or music, कला विरोधी लोग ; constantly = continuously, निरंतर ; odds = not even/strange,विचित्र /बेमेल ; affection = love,प्यार ;  tenderness = softness, कोमलता ; relativity = connectivity,सापेक्षता ; secured = got , प्राप्त किए ; expert = skilful, विशेषज्ञ ; patent = a document  giving right, अधिकार पत्र ; assessing = evaluating,मूल्यांकन करना ; absolute = not in relation to anything else, मुक्त /स्वच्छंद ; perfectly =completely, पूर्णतया ; accurate = exact, सही-सही ; unravelling = starting to fail, असफल होना l

 [Page 39] Bothered = disturbed, परेशान ; put off = not to put into practice, टालना ; faltered =became weak, कमजोर होना ; divorced  = parted the marriage bond, तलाक हो जाना ; coincided = by chance, संयोग होना ; interpretation  = explanation, व्याख्या ; eclipse  =putting of a shadow on the sun/moon, ग्रहण ; deflected =changed direction, परावर्तित हुई ;

 proclaimed = announced,घोषित कर दिया ; lauded = praised, प्रशंसा होना ; Nazis = a political group in Germany headed by Rudolf Hitter, जर्मन की नाज़ी पार्टी  ; colleague = co-worker, सहकर्मी ; territory = area, क्षेत्र l

[Page 40] Shaken = moved, द्रवित हो गया ; extent of = so much, इतना अधिक ;  missive  =a long letter,एक लंबा पत्र ; proposed  =put a proposal, प्रस्ताव रखा ;  impact = effect, प्रभाव ; decade =a term of ten years, दशक ; agitating = protesting ,आंदोलन करना ; visionary = a person who looks into the future, भविष्य –द्रष्टा l

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