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By | October 17, 2020

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A Triumph of Surgery

By James Herriot

Important Word-Me anings of difficult words

from the lesson- A Triumph of Surgery


[PAGE 1] Pulled up = stopped , (रोक दी) shocked = sudden attack  (अचानक आघात पंहुचा ),hugely = excessive(अत्यधिक ) ,bloated = swollen(फूला हुआ  )  bloodshot = red coloured (लाल रंग का )  , sausage = unbaked meat (कवाब ) ,stared = to look with fixed eyes(घूरना )  ,lolled = hanged out the tongue (लपकना) ,listless = careless (असावधान )  ,malnutrition = lack of proper diet (कुपोषढ़)  , malt = barley(जौ)  ,rheumy = a body disease  (गाठिआग्रस्त),relent = to feel sorry(पछिताना )  ,tackle = to seize (पकड़ना ,सुलझाने का प्रयास करना ) , wondered = surprised (हैरान होना ),mentioned = referred(बताना )  ,lumbago = backache (कमर दर्द (कटिवात ) 

 [PAGE 2] Severe .= hard, (कठोर)   strict = hard (कठोर ),wrung = twisted (मरोड़ना )  ,set off = started (चल दिया ),determined = with a set mind(डरः निश्चय के साथ )  ,regime = rule (नियम ) ,immediately = just then (तुरंत ),concern = anxict(चिंता )  ,tottering= staggering (लड़खड़ाना ),wardrobe = cupboard (अलमारी )  ,drooping = hanging down (झुकना )  ,harness = ornamental clothes  (साज-सज्जा के वस्त्र ), distraught = upset (परेशान ) ,bouts = fits  (बार -बार होना ), panting = gasping (हाफना ) ,swooned = fainted  (वेहोश हो जाना ), Pine = to lament  (विलाप करना )

[PAGE 3] Wailings = moanings (कराहते)  ,marched out = walked out  (बाहर चले जाना ),wrapped = covered (लिपटा हुआ )  ,pith roused = awoke  ( जगा दिया ),With maids = lady servants; (नौकरानियाँ ) stuff = things (वस्तुऍ)  ,glanced = gave a rapid look (सरसरी नजर से देखना )  , pathetic = full of pity  (करूद्धजनक  ),gasping = panting (हाँफते हुए)  ,wag = shake(हिलाना)  ,surgery = operation (शल्य -चिकित्शा )  ,surged = crowded  (उमड़ पढ़ना ),carpet = fabric for covering the floor (कालीन)  sniffing = breathing through nose  (सूघना),ignored = overlooked  (अबहेलना करना ), made up = prepared  (तैयार किया ),kept an eye = observed  (नजर रखना ), whimper = mutering [(रिरियाना  (कम आवाज में रोना )], engulfed = encircled (घिरा हुआ ),greyhound = hunter dog  (स्लेटी रंग का कुत्ता ),slightly = a little bit, (थोड़ा सा )  slopped = spilled(छलकाना ) ,

[PAGE 4] Jostling = pushing (धकेलना ),rapid = fast (तीब्र )  ,scrimmages = fight (झगड़ा )  ,tramped = crushed  (कुचलना ),squashed = defeated  (पराजित हुआ ),accepted = approved  (स्युईकार किया ),gang = group (समूह )  ,crew = group  (दल), hovered = hung over  (मड़राना),anxiously = curiously  (उत्सुकतापूर्वक ),bulletins = news  (समाचार ),dodged = avoided (टालना )  ,convalescing = gaining health  (स्यास्थ्य लाभ होना ),dawn on = to appear (प्रकट होना )  ,ceremonial = festival  (ऊत्सव), occasion= opportunity  (अवसर )

[PAGE 5] Constitution = physical structure  (शारीरिक ढांचा ), inhaled = to breath through nose (भांप लेना )  ,reverently = with respect (सम्मान पूर्वक ) ,sustained = maintained (बनाए रखना ),temptation = attraction (आकर्षड़),gleaming = shining   (चमकदार ),chauffeur = driver (चालक )  ,interior = inner (अंदर )  ,clasped = seized firmly  (कसकर पकड़ना ), hurtling = running with speed  (तेज़ी से भागना ), flapping=waving(फड़फड़ाना ),transformed = changed (परिवर्तित होना ),lithe = elastic (लचीला ),passage = sideway (गलियारा )

[PAGE 6] Tremendous = huge (विशाल )  ,leap = jump (कूदना )  ,startled = surprised(हैरान )  ,chauffeur = a motor car driver (चालक)


PAGE 1:-

Pulled up— stopped Hugely— very much, Bloated— swollen, Sausage— a mixture of finely chopped and cooked meat, Bloodshot— Full of red lines, Rheumy— wet (eyes), Stared— looked intently, Ahead— forward, Hastened—quickened, Listless— lifeless, Malnutrition— lack of good diet or food, Malt— a gram, barley, Cod-liver Oil— oil of fish, Bowl—A bit— a little, Relent— soften, Bear— tolerate, Mentioned— described, Lumbago— backache,

PAGE 2:-

Sound(here) appear, Severe— harsh, hard, Strict diet(here) food or diet as prescribed, Set off— started, Determined— firm, Regime— rules (regarding food Concern— worry, Tottering along— staggering, Wardrobe—a cupboard, Struggled on— not walked easily, Drooping— hanging, Harness— leather strap, Distraught— upset, Bouts— fits, Vomiting— seal Rug— blanket of thick  Panting— breathing with difficulty, Hospitalised— admitted to a hospital, Fortnight— a period of 15 days Observation on— under care, Swooned— fainted, Delay— loss of time,

PAGE 3:-

Wailings— moanings, Wrapped— covered, Entire— complete, Roused— stood up, Rushed in— came running in Supper— last meal of the day, Despairing— full of disappointment, Glanced down— looked down, Pathetic—pitiable, Gasping— panting, Wag— move, Surged— gathered around, Pack— group, Motionless— silent, Sniffing— smelling with nose, Plenty— a lot of, Whimper— to whine, to cry in pain, Trotted out— moved out, Immediately— at once, Engulfed— surrounded by, Greyhound— hunting dog, Inspecting— checking, Slightly— a little, etc  Slopped— spilled, Rush— crowd, Liable— likely to face,

PAGE 4:-

Licking— swooping with tongue, Casually(here) not regularly, Jostling— pulling, Rapid— fast, Treatment— cure, Scrimmages— fights, Tramped on— crushed Squashed— damaged, Gang— group, Unlikely— different, Shaggy— drooping rough hair, Crew— group, Hovered— hung over, Anxiously— worrying, Bulletins— news (medical), Dodged— avoided, Convalescing— recovering, Rapidly— quickly, Dawn— realised, begin to be understood, Enrich— make rich, Ceremonial occasion— time for some celebration,

PAGE 5:-

Edge— effect, Constitution— body structure  Inhaled— breathed in; Reverently— respectfully, Content-satisfaction, Sustained— maintained, Luxuriously— with luxury, Temptation— attraction Recovered— cured fully Gleaming— shining, Black metal— black car, Chauffeur— driver, Sett, Make out— understand, Interior— inside, Clasped— joined together tightly, Mass— crowd, Hurtling— running fast, Midst— in the middle, Flapping—waving, Transformed— changed, Litilie- flexible, elastic, Stretching out- spreading Bounds— jumps,

PAGE 6 :-

Tremendous- huge, Leap— jump Sailed— ran fast, Startled— amazed, Defend— protect, Swarmed – climbed  Leaned out— bent her head out, Triumph- victory,

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