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9. Reading Skills Comprehension: Newspapers



Newspapers sell because of news and editorial coverage but it gets more revenue from advertisements. News costs money, while advertisements fetch money. The economics of modern newspapers is such that it cannot run by just selling news; it has to depend on advertisements. The economics of newspaper publishing requires both subscribers who can afford to buy newspapers and businessmen who can afford to advertise in it. The growth of the press depends on both. Therefore, in newspaper management, neither aspect can be neglected.

 Co-ordination among the various departments – editorial, circulation, advert-icing and production – is very essential for effective and better management. The head of various departments must be part of the management of a newspaper. They must be aware of the goals set, policies and future plans of the management. They cannot afford to remain cut off from the mainstream of management function. In addition, each department should keep the other department managers informed of those of its activities that will be useful to them. This is a vital aspect of newspaper management.

 1. The growth of a newspaper depends on

 (a) the editorial and news coverage

 (b) large scale subscribers

(c) advertisers

(d) subscribers and advertisers

2. The main idea of the first paragraph of the passage is

(a) The growth of the press

 (b) News and editorial coverage

(c) The economics of newspaper publishing

(d) The importance of advertisements.

3. The main idea of the second paragraph of the passage is

(a) The future of newspapers

 (b) How to sell newspapers

(c) Effective newspaper management

(d) The role of the heads of departments

4. The word ‘goal’ in the passage means

(a) aim

(b) conclusion

(c) result

(d) benefit

 5. The word ‘vital’ as used in the context means

(a) primary

(b) important

(c) healthy



1. (d)               2. (c)

3. (d)               4. (a)

5. (b)

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