7.Sample Report Writing:Community Service Club

By | May 4, 2018

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Community Service Club 

”The daisy buy the shadow that it casts, protects the lingering dewdrops from the sun”.

In  the above lines william wordsworth used the daisy flowers and the dewdrops as metaphors to explain the importance of once small deed’s to other’s lives. Even a small gesture can bring a noticeable change in our lives.

We belives service is gust a thought away from us-a  thought to drop a coin daily in our piggy back and spending the collection for a good cause.

This is exactly  what the members of the club did. The signing amount of the club which we starled last year only was given for the treatment of the son of our school support staff.

Regular meetings of the club were held and off late we started with a project in which the members share the life  and work done by legendary people like mother teacher, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, Lee Kuan Yew, Swami Vivekanand ……. Such selfless and legendary people become a ray hope for millions and source of inspiration for coming generations.we taking this project in two levels.

Level- I : First make the numbers aware and

Level- II: Spread the awareness to the larger group i.e. school through talk in assemblies, presentations and display boards.

Members about hared information about Various schemes launched by the central government lile Jan-Dhan Yojana, Pradhan mantri suraksha Yojana, Kanya Samridhi Yojana etc.

Recently, to spread awareness among  our school support staff, club members together with fact finder club launched  a campaign and are talking to them in small groups and informing them about these government schemes and ESI schemes that the institution is already offering to them and various other facilities offered to them by the institution.

theme by the institution.

these activities act as great took to infure life long values children and over ultimate aim is to equip children with all goodness, nobility , peace and prosperity.

                                                                                     Club. In-charge


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