42.Letter to the Editor Regarding: To improve the Plight of Beggars

By | December 7, 2020
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Letter to the editor is a formal document. In CBSE it is a question to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper. It is asked in Class 8 to Class 12. Considering this we are providing a letter to the editor topics to help you to practice, letter to the editor format CBSE class 9 to help you obtain good marks, letter to the editor example for students of class 9 & 10 which is a beginning and letter to the editor on To improve the Plight of Beggars. These can be additionally used for the letter to the editor newspaper. So let’s dive in-

When we give money to the beggars, we indirectly provide them with the indulgence. You want to request the Local Councilor to involve the beggars near the local temple into some profile that you have already thought of. Write a letter to the editor asking for awakening publication in the National Daily in about 100-120 words.


34-X Paharganj

New Delhi


February 21, 2020


The Editor,

 Hindustan Times,



 Subject: To improve the plight of beggars

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the kind attention of the Local Councilor of Srinagar towards the increasing number of beggars near the local temples and other religious places. They have become a menace to the people coming for worship.  These people show their fake bandages or small children having fallen ill and ask for money. When we give money to them, we indirectly provide them indulgence and hence their number is increasing day-by-day. People of all age groups can be seen around the temples.

 It’s high time that some strict steps should be taken against them. I would like to give a few suggestions. The small children, boys and girls should be encouraged to get an education. A small school should be opened inside the temple premises in order to provide them with free education, books and food. The elders should be volunteered for safekeeping of shoes or belongings of the pilgrims. They can be involved in Prashad distribution or making lines of people. They should be given a fixed amount for their services. These would not only eradicate beggary but also make them independent.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,


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