47.English Essay Example on : The Real Life Heroes – Soldiers

By | July 25, 2018

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 The Real Life Heroes – Soldiers

Nobody knows what it takes to be associated directly with the defennce services of any country and what boils up every drop of my blood misinformed conversations that give birth to misinformed opinions and baseless rumours.

I have heard so many educated, suited booted gentleman and ladies take absolute rubbish and demean the Indian Army. Talking about one such recent conversation that I overheard is where two men will discussing the Uri terror attacks that killed our brave soldiers on the front. In a matter of fact manner, they discussed how the families of the martyrs will get nifty amount as compensation.

I should have reacted, given it back to those men. But I stood there completely numb. What could I have possibly told those men for whom the army seemed just a four lettered word? How many minds can I change? How do I make the word outside the Indian army see the reality that army personnel and their families live with?

Hailing from a family that has served our country and guarded our borders for their generations, I believe that every citizen must respect the olive graius my grandfather, father, uncles and brothers are all into chose duty over self dedicated their lives to the country.

Growing up, I always had a sit of complaints from my father. Trust me, I still do. he never made it to my or my sister’s parent – teacher meets, never saw us participate in any school event, never took us school books shopping. I don’t have a count of how many of my birthday parties he missed. My sister often thus me how once our father didn’t ever know which lass was she studying in and stood lost in her school.

But now all this nagging and complaining has turned into a sense of pride. I’m proud to be an Army officer’s daughter. I don’t feel bad to see my fellow mates enjoying with their fathers. I don’t feel sad anymore now when the end of his leave approaches because now I know what that uniform means and embodies/personifies.

In my father’s words, “That uniform there is my pride of honour, a well-deserved fruit of four years of rigorous military training, a commitment to my nation. It is more than a job to me. It is my life.”

I see that passion in very man in uniform. For me disrespect to that uniform is a personal assault. Yes, I see my father is Late Sh. Col. Kaviranjan Kumar, Capt. Vikram Batra in garud commando Gursevak Singh, in every NSG commando, in every soldier.

Yes, it hurts when people so insensitively, callously and casually comment on the free ration facility, CSD, pension and get the so called perks that Army personals. Remember most of the time; they don’t live through their entire life to avail them. Every individual here can’t be forced to respect the Indian Army but all I want from all to respect is that fact that in times of distress whether armed attacks or natural calamities, you all are protected, safeguarded by men in that uniform leaves behind his family and in worst case scenario, even lays down his life for you, your family and our country.


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