34.Report Writing Samples : Ghastly Tragedy At Deewana

By | February 15, 2019

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A tragedy occurred at Deewana near Panipat. After an explosion the compartments of the Samjhauta Express caught fire. Taking help from the hints given below write a report.

February 19, Panipat-67 killed; 15 injured; explosive; train from Delhi; terrorists’ involvement, ex-gratia announced; officials; forensic experts.

Ans.                                                     GHASTLY TRAGEDY AT DEEWANA

(by Rakesh)

Panipat, February 20. A ghastly tragedy occurred near Deewana on February 19 in the Atari bound Samjhauta Express. The ill-fated train left Delhi at 10.50 pm and at about 12.10 explosions was heard. The coaches caught fire. The speed of the train caused the fire to spread quickly. The tragedy left 67 dead and 15 injured.

The involvement of terrorists is a possibility. The officials reached the spot and the forensic experts are investigating. Ex-gratia grant of 1 lakh has been announced to the next of the kin of the deceased. Everybody condemned this cowardly act of the terrorists.

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