81. Reading Skills Comprehension: Humbling about Nature

By | February 11, 2020

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Humbling about Nature

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:         

There is something humbling about nature. Even as the deep sea, or a towering mountain or even a complex rainforest forces humility upon you, nature manages to leave you with your ego intact. No one in their right mind can seriously contemplate being in ‘competition’, with anything so perfect and all-encompassing. In fact, I smile inwardly when I hear people talk about ‘conquering’ mountains. The mountain actually lets you climb it. If it was less ‘benevolent’ you would be dead.

On the other hand, if you respect its power and tread lightly upon its earth, the Himalaya will protect you and deliver you the satisfaction of being cocooned in pure nature. Take my word for it. Almost anywhere you go, the traditional hospitality of the hill people will ensure that you obtain a hot meal, a friendly welcome and a place to rest a tired body for the night. All you need to pack is humility, essential trust and low-key demands along with a good pair of walking boots and a sleeping bag.

 It is surprisingly easy to visit untrodden trails without it costing an arm and a leg, provided one does not fall prey to the enticing promise of five-star facilities. These promise physical comfort at steep prices, but the cost paid by the environments in which such facilities are located is incalculable. Besides, the sanitized options available take most of the organic pleasure away from most destinations.

Word-Meaning: Humbling— politeness  विनम्रता  Contemplate— think over विचार करना  Benevolent— beneficial,फायदा देने वाला  Tread— walk चलना  Cocooned— confined in a shell, खोल , बंद  Untrodden— not walked before,जहाँ पहले न चला गया  Steep— high, ऊँची


1. What do the remote regions in the Himalayas protect?

2. Who are not in their right mind?

3. In what way are the mountains benevolent?

4. What are the hill people known for?

5. Write the verb form of ‘connection’.


1.The remote regions in the Himalayas protect the bulk of our water resources.

2. The men who seriously contemplate being in competition with nature are not in their right mind.

3. The mountains are benevolent in the sense that you climb them.

4. The hill people are known for their traditional hospitality.

5. Connect.

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