33.Report Writing Samples : March Against Elevated Metro

By | February 15, 2019

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Delhi Metro has proved to be a boon but people are against elevated Metro. They say it will cause noise pollution and for it, trees will have to be chopped off. There will be chaos on the roads. A forum named ‘Voice of Reason’ organized a march against the construction of elevated Metro. Write a report.

Ans.                                         MARCH AGAINST ELEVATED METRO

Delhi: March 9

A forum named ‘Voice of Reason’ organized a peaceful march against the construction of the elevated corridor for the Metro. The students from Blue Bells School, Lady Shri Ram College and Amrit Kaur Nursing College took out a protest march. The students argued—the Metro will cause a lot of noise pollution and whatever trees we have will be chopped off for the proposed elevated corridor. Many students and their parents showed their concern saying that this elevated construction will shorten the width of the roads and there will be chaos and apprehension of accidents. The turnout for the march has been more than the expectations of the organizers.

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