31.Report Writing Samples : Friend Kills FRIEND To Claim Insurance

By | December 15, 2020

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Recently you came across a bizarre case where a friend got his own friend killed by a contract killer for monetary gains. Write a report.

Clues: Insurance; friend nominee; false death certificate; contract killer; police.

Ans.                                         FRIEND KILLS FRIEND TO CLAIM INSURANCE

(by H7′ Correspondent)

 New Delhi, April 4. A million dollar insurance policy taken by Jagtar Singh (40) in America at the insistence of his friend Onkar Nath, who was a nominee in the policy, led to his murder. “Five years back, the accused convinced the victim to get insured and he himself became the beneficiary,” said the police. Later, Onkar Nath asked Jagtar Singh to procure a false death certificate from India to claim the money and share it. When Singh refused his demand, Onkar Nath got him killed by a contract killer. The police have sounded the Indian Mission to prevent Onkar Nath, who is in America, from claiming the insurance money.

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