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28.Short Essay and Article on: Travelling on an Overcrowded Bus


28. Travelling on an overcrowded bus can be very upsetting. Pushing and throwing, suffocation, angry faces and rumpled clothes are facts a traveller has to face. Write an article in 125-150 words on: “Traveling in an overcrowded bus.” You are Sohan/Sohini.

Ans.                                                      Travelling on an Overcrowded Bus

by Sohan

Public transport is the cheapest and has, therefore, always been popular with the masses. The rise in the number of commuters has led to overcrowding on buses. A journey on an overcrowded bus can be a horrifying experience, as I found recently.

 It was a peak hour and I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus. There was an overcrowded bus which came and stopped and I somehow managed to push my way into the bus. People were like packed sardines in it and there was no space even to breathe. It was difficult to move, to stretch one’s limbs or to take out money from the pocket to buy the ticket. Even in this suffocating atmosphere, a few passengers were smoking which made it more unbearable. People were shouting in all corners. The traffic jam and rash driving of the driver added to my misery.

 It was so unbearable that I decided to get down from the bus, though in doing so I injured my hand. But when I finally got down, I heaved a sigh of relief.

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