17. Letter Example Regarding : Frequent Power Failures

By | December 10, 2019

Writing a formal letter is an art because it is in much demand these days. Some examples are official letter format for request sometimes it is official letter format to government, and you may have to write a letter to an organization for different purposes and it may be formal letter example application for a job. We are going to provide you letter to Chairman for Frequent Power Failures.  Find the example of this formal letter regarding Frequent Power Failures and enrich yourself.


 You are Secretary of Ashok Nagar Welfare Society, Kanpur. Write a letter to the Chairman, Kanpur Electricity Supply undertaking, complaining about frequent power failures in your area. Sign. yourself as XYZ.

64 Ashok Nagar


6th June 200—.

The Chairman

 Kanpur Electricity Supply Undertaking



 I regret to inform your honour about the frequent power failures for the last about three months in the Sector 20 area of this city. In these hot months, it becomes unbearable to do without electric power for even a few minutes. But you can imagine a lot of people when they have to go without it for the whole day and night. When enquiries are made from the nearest station, no satisfactory answer is given. Residents are put off with vague replies. The officials concerned are also very rude and indifferent to the difficulty of the residents. Poor students are the worst sufferers. The examinations are drawing near. Without proper power supply, it becomes almost impossible for them to study. It is requested that continuous power supply should be ensured so that the residents have not to suffer.

Yours faithfully



Ashok Nagar Welfare Society.

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