23.Sample Report Writing-Literary Club

By | May 7, 2018

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Report (Literary Club)

 ”Literature is the art of discovering something intra ordinary about ordinary people, and saying with ordinary words something intra ordinary”.

It is a curious and prevalent opinion that Literature, like all art, is  an interplay of imagination, pleasing enough, like a new novel, but without serious and practical importance. Nothing could be farther from the teeth. Literature preserves the ideals of a people, and ideals- love, faith, duty,  friendship, freedom – are the part of  human life most worthy of preservation. The  Greeks were a marvelous  people; yet of all their mighty works we cherish only a few ideals, -ideals of beauty in perishable stone, and ideals of truth in imperishable prose and poetry.

Imbuing the ideals, in students  Literary club prepare its  students. Members of the club work on their thoughts and present them beautifully on paper which are dis played by them on the display boards.

In this regard varies activities like assembly on Teacher day celebration (5th September) was conducted by club members  only, different competitions like poem recitation and creative writing  also organized where they perform very creatively and with enthusiasm.

Till dale there are appose 60 members of the club and we hope to flourish in the coming future.


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