18. Short Essay and Article on: Jagannath Puri

By | December 13, 2019
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Jagannath Puri

There are some really amazing fact about this Jagannath temple some are :-

No bird can fly above the temple.

ŸThe flag of the temple waves in the apposite director of the wind flow.

ŸNo matter how many people come there for worship everyday, the ‘Prashad” that is cooked in the temple kitchen is always cooked in the same amount and it never goes wads a nobody returns hungry from there.

ŸThe food in the kitchen is always cooked in 7 pols kept on the top of are another and the strange thing about this is, the topmost pot gets the maximum heat and the food contained is cooked first.

ŸWherever we stand in Puri we will always find the “Sudarshan Chakra” facing us.

ŸIt is said that every year new statue of Lord Krishna and Radha are prepared from “Chandan” and their spirits travel from one statue to another and only one “Pandit” gets 24 hours that person dies.

ŸThere is a short story about this temple :-

     Once lord Krishna with his “Guru” and wife were passing by the place where the temple is built, his wife felt thirsty and requested Lord Krishna to get water for her. Lord Krishna  with his power for his wife broke the crust and a river emerged from there and offered his wife, water. His ‘Guru’ get annoyed as he was also feeling thirsty but instead of offering the water is his there to his wife, Lord forgot to offer to guru and this annoyed his ‘Guru’ and he cursed that. For 364 days this river would remain dry and for only are day water could be seen there and the next day, it would disappear and this is still happening. People living there wait for the day when the dry river is replenished with water.

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