17.Sample Report Writing: House Report

By | May 7, 2018

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House Report

The colour orange signifies enthusiasm creativity, success, optimism, strength and vivacity. It carries a message of warnth and ambition as it uplifts the soul and injects zeal and zest in our bodies and minds. With this in mind, students of ____ house participated in all the events and competitions throughout the academic session 20__-20__ with great bervour.

Every competition, every event brought new challenges and responsibilities. ___ House Name _____ faced every challenge with grit and courage because winning or losing never concerned us, our sole aim was to do our best. Competitive zeal and indomitable will power was found to be truly alive in the students of the house who took strength from their ongoing spirit. This spirited endeavor of the students brought the house laurels in many fields.

Under the able guidance and motivation of our honourable House wardew ___ Teacher’s Name____, house teachers and prefects, the ____ House Name____ secured first position in the following cometitions:

Inter-House Debate and Recitation Competition

Documentary Competition

English Debate (Class-__-__)

In Inter Class Extempore (Class-__-__) we bagged the second position.

II Runner’s up in the following Competition-

English Debate

Inter House Cooking Competition

Inter Class Extempore

Inter House Drama (Science)

___ Student Name ___ of Class ___ was declared the ‘Best Actress’

They were indeed achievements to be proud of and it is to be hoped that they will serve as inspirations to much greater heigh to of achievement on the part of the ____ House Name _____ Fraternity.

The spirit of the hose was manifested in every circle of activity be it the co-crriculars or sports. Though we do not boast many victories in the arena of sports yet we were a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Achievements in Sports –

Inter House Football competition – II

Basket Ball III

___ Student Name___ of Class ___ was declared the ‘Best Player’.

In 400 mts ___ Student Name___ of Class ___  received the Gold Medal and ___ Student Name___ of Class ___  got the Bronze Medal.

___ Student Name___ of Class ___  received the ‘Silver Medal’ in Long Jump. In 4X100 mts. Relay Race girls received the Silver Medal.

____ House always maintains the age old adage- “Set your students high, you deserve the best, Try for what you want even if you settle for little less.”

As those words reverberate through our souls, the teachers and students of _______ House now gear up for yet another year of competition, challenges, hopes, joys and definitely new responsibilities and obligations as _____ House always believes in going ahead and living up the challenge with all might and majesty.

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