17. Reading Skills Comprehension: Transplantation

By | June 17, 2019

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(Bank P.O. 1995)

Read the Passage carefully and answers the following Questions:-

The recent passage of the Bill, on the transplantation of human organs, by Parliament, is a long-overdue measure aimed at curbing widespread trafficking in organs, especially kidneys. As the only country where kidneys can be transplanted from donors unrelated to the patient, India, and notably Bombay, has gained international notoriety as the capital of the organ trade. Wealthy patients from India and abroad, unscrupulous doctors and rapacious brokers have made this a multi-core racket in which the only. The loser is the impoverished donor parting with an organ for small money. The legislation strikes at such exploitative transactions by stipulating that blood relations and spouses Ire the only live donors from whom kidneys can be transplanted, and making the buying and selling of human organs a cognizable offence. By allowing the transport of cadaver organs, the Act not only opens new avenues in the treatment. of renal failure, where the availability of donor’s kidneys falls far short of demand but paves the way for liver transplants for which expertise exists in India. The statutory recognition of brain stem death, which is accepted medical practice the world over, widens the scope of cadaver transplants by making ‘beatnik heart’ cadavers another source for donor organs.

True, the mere enactment of such legislation cannot up to an end to an entrenched practice that thrives on patronage from sections of the medical community, and political and public apathy. The delay of nearly two years between the introduction of the Bill and its passage and the attempts of people with vested interests to introduce certain dubious ‘amendments’ are an indication of what the law is up against. The effectiveness of the law will depend, therefore, on the state’s determination to implement it through vigilant monitoring. The provisions for cadaveric transplants will remain on paper in the absence of public education to encourage the voluntary donation of bodies and organs overcoming religious taboos, and the setting up of institutional facilities for organ retrieval and storage.  Most of all, the law rests on the realization by medical professionals that ethical and humane values must prevail over other consider-actions. The removal of organs from unrelated donors is almost invariably a transfer of health from the poor and weak to the rich. It cannot be defended on any ground.

1. Which of the following means ‘thrives on patronage’?

(a) supports the practice

(b) confusion by the patron

(c) prospers on support

 (d) fails in spite of support

(e) disintegrates

2. Which of the following is the meaning of the phrase ‘parting with’ as used in the passage?

 (a) sacrificing                         (b) fall in line

 (c) coming together              (d) partition into two

 (e) dining with

3. Which of the following is the reason form Bombay gaining international notoriety?

 (a) Human organs like kidney are smuggled here.

 (b) There is no legislation against kidney transplantation.

(c) There are international underworld gangs operating.

(d) Even patients from other countries come here for kidney transplantation donated by poor people.

(e) None of these

4. Which of the following is one of the features of the Bill?

(a) It allows for a transplant of only cadaver organs.

(b) Hefty sum is to be paid to the donors.

(c) A total ban on kidney transplantation

(d)Only blood relations and spouses can be the live donors.

 (e) None of these

5. Which of the following would be an impediment in getting a donation of cadaver organs?

 (a) Storage problems

(b) Religious taboos

(c) Absence of adequate legislation

(d) Effective implementation of law

(e) None of these

6. How much time was spent in drafting the Bill before-its introduction?

(a) 2 years                    (b) 3 years

 (c) 4 years                   (d) Not specified

(e) None of these

7. Which of the following is not true in the context of the passage?

(a) There is a widespread organ trafficking of livers.

(b) India does not have the expertise for liver transplantation.

 (c) The problems of transplantation of human organs have been unnecessarily highlighted.

(d) The Bill on human organs transplantation was needed much earlier.

 (e) The final Bill has not been passed so far.

8. Which of the following means ‘prevail over’ as used in the passage?

(a) spread along                                (b) predominate

(c) triumph                                          (d) insist upon

(e) convince

9. Which of the as used in the poasoswagig means passage?

 (a) based on ‘rests on’                     (b) depends on

 (c) lingers along                               (d) puts an end to

(e) support

10. Which of the following can be correctly inferred from the passage about kidney transplantation in other countries?

 (a) There is no legislation against kidney transplantation in some other countries.

(b) There is a ban on kidney transplantation in some of the countries.

 (c) In other countries, the kidney is transplanted only if it is donated by the patient’s relative.

 (d) There are unscrupulous doctors in other countries also.

(e) None of these


1. (c)                2. (a)

3. (d)               4. (d)

5. (b)               6. (d)

7. (e)               8. (b)

9. (b)               10. (c)

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