16.Short Essay and Article on A Walk To Remember

By | December 13, 2019
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A Walk To Remember

A number of flowers, mosses and creepers on both sides of the garden, fragrance of roses mined with that of hibiscus. And there stand the bold, big trees with creatures crawling on them and stones scattered at their foot distancing them from me. Small dragon flies and brithirflies fluttering from one flower to another in a dilemma of which one to choose. I hear the birds singing further ahead from behind the thorny bushes out of my reach. Going to the next part is the fountain surrounded by children enjoying the cold splashes of water, filling the air with their soothing innocence and serenity. And finally I reached the palace of illusions I had been waiting disparately and looking forward to see through the beauties manifested in thorns and stones.

Such is the beauty life offers to s to unwrap, enclosed in secret boxes for us to ponder over, scattered all ever the path we choose to tread on with both flowers and thorns in them. Life is not only about the destinations we reach but also about the journeys we undertake. Journeys store for us very important less one of life and we need to develop an eye to appreciate them. It carriers experience important to reach the destination of life. Gathering those life lessons and experience we must continue our journey. Every minute and every second life teachers us something of value, gibing us numerous opportunities to grab, some of which we lose and some we grab on time. But time never steps and wants us to push ourselves forward to find better ways of life. As the flowers which bloom wither away with time, hoping to grow back to resume its original glory and beauty, life also teaches us not to get disheartened at downfalls rather prepare to jumps even the minds test the will power of the butterflies looking for flowers, but those tiny insects too valiantly brave the gusty winds to achieve what they want. Such should be our determination and enthusiasm all along the journey when we face difficulties. The most beautiful of all the gardens too wither away and shed away all its beauty at some time of the year only to come out to be more elegant and beautiful next year. The same way life too shows its painful and hard part but surely saves for us surprises beyond the difficulties. To relish those surprises it is important to continue the journey of life.

Life itself is a foggy lane which may come up with a pit or a cliff, we just need to remember the landmarks everytime we pass the lanes to be careful in future. Life is a long walk to be subtly admired and remembered.

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