16. Sample Report Writing: Independence Day

By | May 7, 2018

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Independence Day

“Who for their country die shall fill an honoured grave,
For glory lights the soldier’s tomb,
And beauty weeps the brave”.

The Independence Day commemorates the brave young men who gave up their lives to liberate India from the manacles of thralldom.

The celebrations of __th Independence Day flavored with patriotic fervour, zeal and zest made it a very unforgettable occasion. The whole ambience vibrated with the festivity, painting the school premises in the flamboyant hues of tricolour – saffron, white and green.

The morning was marked with the benign presence of esteemed Chief Guests  ___ Guest’s Name_____ accompanied by his Better-Half Mrs./Mr. ___ Student Name___ of Class ______ Student Name___ of Class ______ Student Name___ of Class ______ Student Name___ of Class ___. The Chief Guest & the august audience present could savour & feel the ecstasy of liberated spirit, free from the bondage of restrictive practices of constricting evils, stalking our nation.

The Chief Guest inspected the Guard of Honour presented by the NCC cadets of the school contingent.

To commemorate the sovereignty of our country,  ___ Guest’s Name_____  unfurled the tricolour in the backdrop of melodious notes of the National Anthem.

Brig. ___ Guest’s Name_____  virtually left no stone unturned to infuse in the students a feeling of undying love for their country. According to him ‘The patriot’s blood is the seed of freedom’s tree. Also it is true duty of each & every citizen to promote and protect the dignity of the Nation.

India is a unique blend of diverse religions, languages, cultures, faiths, beliefs rituals and practices which were portrayed by a small cultural programme put up by the students including Bhangra, Acrobatic yoga and Nukkad Natika. The School choir also paid its part in the ceremony by singing a sweet melodious patriotic song.

The programme left everyone spell bound. With this, the ceremony came to an end with a vote of thanks and memento presentation to the chief guest.

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