13. Sample Report Writing: Heritage  Club Report

By | May 4, 2018

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Heritage  Club Report

” People without the knowledge of their past, culture & origin are like a tree without roots.”

The idea of setting up heritage club is ___ School Name ____  was to create awareness & participation in activities related to the -___ club works with the desist to instu a sense of pride in the unique diversity of India’s cultural eerily & to give on exciting dimension to learn & understand the port. Nevertheless the students also have the opportunity to explore the living heritage of India various activities were organized during to meet. The objectives of club these include power point presentation on the historical places monuments.

Quiz on the topic ”Known your Stale Geog, History & Cultural heritage of Haryana)

Heritage walk to kalibanga & Haryana Agriculture university.

Heritage walks were also organized in the port to places like Golden temple & Wage border in Amritsar, Aga Fort Taj Mahal,  Fatehpur sikri, National Museum New Delhi, and Agroha Theh.

Heritage club is committed to explore & understand the diverse culture & history of not only India but the world and enamors to establish slang and powerful ties with the past.

                                                                                                Club In-charge


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