12. Reading Skills Comprehension: Popularity

By | June 18, 2019

Reading Skills get sharpened by unseen passage reading comprehension test. We provide reading comprehension exercises with answers. Go through reading comprehension passages with multiple choice questions will help you in reading comprehension questions. We provide simple comprehension passages with questions and answers which have value based questions. These unseen comprehension passages are really helpful to all. Go through this reading comprehension pdf and reading passage worksheets to learn English.


(I. Tax & Central Excise, 1993)

 It will be a mistake to think that he was given only bouquets’, he also received many brickbats. The Christian missionaries took alarm at his popularity. They used to raise funds by preaching that India was a land of heathens waiting to be saved by Christianity. The American press now began to say that it was a shame that anybody should try to teach India religion, rather the world should sit at her feet to learn it. Vivekananda also said that India did not need religion but material support. The missionaries found that the sub-scrimptions they had so long been receiving from the people were steadily declining. They blamed it on Swami. They now started denigrating him in all manner of ways. They even began to spread scandals against his personal character. Strangely enough, even some of his own countrymen joined them in this for reasons of their own. But ‘Truth alone prevails’, as Swami always preached. He did not try to defend himself, but others stood up for him and vehemently protested. Finally, all such mean attempts failed and his reputation only rose higher and higher.

1. The passage teaches us

(a) not to believe in religions other than our own

(b) not to get involved in scandals

(c) not to visit foreign lands

(d) not to deviate from the path of truth

2. Vivekananda was criticized by mission-arise in America because

 (a) he was a bad student of Western theology

(b) he opposed the tenets of Christianity.

(c) Americans had become very fond of him.

(d) he did not allow them to raise funds in India.

3. Swami Vivekananda told the American people that India

 (a) did not approve of the Catholic Church

 (b) would teach religion to those who sit at her feet

(c) required religious and material help

(d) was self-sufficient in religion though poor

4. Vivekananda rapport with the Amery-can people

(a) helped India get substantial aid

(b) made his friends desert him

(c) annoyed the American Government

(d) caused a drop in Church’s collections

 5. Vivekananda did not defend himself because

 (a) he believed in the ultimate triumph of truth.

(b) he was in a foreign land.

 (c) some of his countrymen were opposing him.

(d) he had brought many friends along to fight for him.


1. (d)               2. (c)

3. (d)               4. (d)

5. (a)

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