11. Class 11 & 12 Speech Writing : ‘The Importance of Power’

By | December 10, 2019

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Power shortage has become a norm even in metropolitan cities. One way to face this situation is by preventing the wastage of power. Write a speech in 150-200 words on: ‘The Importance of Power in our Daily Life and how to Save Power at School and at Home.’ Imagine that you are the Principal of your school.

 Ans.                                                    ‘The Importance of Power’

Good morning teachers and my dear students. You all are aware of how important it has become to save electricity for sustainable development. Today the purpose of my speaking to you is to tell you all about the importance of power in our daily life and how we all can save power at school and at home.

 Power shortage was once a problem of rural areas but it has spread to metropolitan cities too. The increase in demand for power is creating an alarming situation. We talk about sustainable development but it won’t be possible if we are not willing to conserve power.

A small contribution from each one of us can make a huge difference and the goal of environmental friendliness can be fulfilled.

At school students and teachers can switch off the lights when the sunlight is lighting up the classroom properly, It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that all the lights and fans are switches off when one is leaving the classrooms.

 At home minimize the use of ACs and other electrical appliances wherever possible. Never forget to switch off those appliances which are not in use. Make use of solar energy, if possible.

 Always try to save water too because the less you use the water the less you use the electronic motor to fill up water taps. Moreover, power generation is done by hydroelectricity.

So saving water saves power too. Make use of natural sunlight and cool breeze whenever possible. Our small practices will help us to save power and our future generations will be able to enjoy a comfortable life as we do.

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