Message Writing Format No.7

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This page teaches you how to write a message and gives you creative writing skills to write text message. It has message format, slack message formatting,  for Class 8 grade writing prompts, message writing topics, writing exercises for grade 6, writing business messages, text message format and much more so let’s dive in-


 Your friend Lalita phoned up to tell you that Deepen, a common friend, has met with an accident. She has been admitted to St. John’s Hospital. She asked you whether you would come with her to see Deepali. You decide to go with her. Your mother is having her afternoon siesta and you do not want to disturb her. So you write her a note. You also tell her not to worry in case you are late. Write this note in about 50 words.

Ans                                                                          MESSAGE




 Lalita called to say that Deepali has met with an accident and has been admitted to St. John’s Hospital. I am going there to see her. Don’t worry in case I’m late.


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