Gap Filling Exercises for class 9 & 10 (Solved)Exercise-53 & 54

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Cloze Test Printable Exercises with Answers

Following are the exercises of open cloze passage and gap filling.  These grammar exercises for class 9 and 10 are based on English modals exercises, verbs exercises, grammar tense exercises, modal auxiliary, simple past and other tense exercises. These gap fillers for beginners and cloze test will help you in first certificate in English (FCE). The following esl form filling exercises are specially designed for class IX and X. A printable version in PDF form is also available at the bottom of each exercise.


Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct options from those given below:

All of us have some aim in our life. A life without aim is like a ship without a rudder. Such a man cannot use his energies in the right (a)…………..  He leads a (b)……………..  life. One wants to be a doctor, the other an (c)…………….. Want to join the medical profession to serve (d)……………

(a) (i)  direct                       (ii) direction              (iii) directed                             (iv) directs

(b) (i) purpose                   (ii) proposal               (iii) purposeful                         (iv) purposeless

(c) (i) industry                    (ii) industrialize         (iii) industrialization                 (iv) industrialist

(d) (i) human                     (ii) humanity              (iii) humanitarian                    (iv) humanization


 (a) (ii) direction

(b)  (iv) purposeless

(c) (iv) industrialist

(d) (ii) humanity

Download the above gap filling Exercise in PDF (Printable)


Choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue given below.

Namita : Hello Sweety !

 Sweety : Hi. what a pleasant surprise !

Namita: It’s been a long time since we met. Where (a)…………..   all these years?

sweety :- In Delhi I How about you? What (b) …………. nowadays?

Namita : I’m a fashion designer looking  for a job.

Sweety : (c)…………business management?

Namita : In 2009. Actually I’m here for an interview with a multinational.

Sweety : That’s a wonderful piece of news! When (d)…………..?

 Namita : I have to report at 5 pm  today. The office is near Shastri Road. Can you drop me there ?

Sweety : Of course !

(a)(i) had you                                                         (ii) were you

     (iii) are you                                                       (iv) have you been

(b)(i) are you doing                                              (ii) will you be doing

      (iii) have you he doing                                  (iv) had you been doing

(c)(i) Are you doing                                              (ii) When did you complete

      (iii) flow did you complete                           (iv) Have you completed

  (d) (i) did you report                                        (ii) would you come

(iii) do you have to report                                 (iv) do you have to come


(a) (iv) have you been

(b) (i) are you doing

(c) (ii) When did you complete

(d) (iii) do you have to report

Download the above gap filling Exercise in PDF (Printable)


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