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 In democratic countries where people have a right to choose their representatives, voting is often the easiest and strongest way to impact the way the government is run. Discuss the reasons why all citizens should be required to vote.

 Ans. India is a democratic nation whose strength lies in the quality of its citizens. To make our democracy continue to grow and flourish in the right direction, its citizens must be vigilant towards their votes. This vote is extremely very important because it determines the kind of government that comes in power. The electorate must remember that it is his duty towards the nation to vote wisely. He or she must exercise his or her right to vote without fear or favour to have a real democracy. The vote rightly cast can help in rooting out corruption from public life.

The candidates elected must have charismatic personality, character and merit. But unfortunately our country lacks these types of leaders or politicians. At present it is facing political corruption as well as crime at every level. The leaders have become self-seeking. They have no moral, they have no honesty, they have no personality and filially they have no stability. The result is that our country is continuously going down. When such is the condition of the country. The responsibility of the voters becomes even more important. The candidates should be accountable. It is important for all of us to rise above the considerations of caste, creed, region and language. The citizens have to know what they should expect from their elected representations. If they feel their representatives may not prove themselves very fruitful, they have full right not to vote for them. No creed, temptation or threat should come in the way of our conscience while voting. It is every voter’s duty to make it his or her business to find out all about each candidate’s record of achievement in public life, personal honesty and sense of service. Ile or she should be able to judge which parties and their candidates are genuinely committed to working for the country’s welfare and whether they have fulfilled earlier election promises or not. Once again, each vote is important and should only be cast after due consideration.

Sometimes the voters get misled by the candidates. This is highly undemocratic and against the welfare of the country. In such circumstances, the voters should be strong enough not to be taken in by self-seeking candidates. They should be politically aware and should not cast their votes under anybody’s influence.

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