6.Biographical Sketch : Aruna Saxena an Eminent Environmentalist

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Given below are details of an eminent environmentalist. Use the information to form a biographical sketch of Aruna Saxena In 80-100 words.

  • Aruna Saxena: Born in 1978 – education – M.A. in Environmental Science
  • Achievements: Actively involved in Green Revolution Movement – Won her worldwide recognition -published a collection of poems. ‘Singing Birds’
  • Awards: Won the national award for creating environmental awareness
  • Other interests: painting, writing poetry
  • Positions held: President of Rotary Club of Marwar in 2007, President of the Poetry Club in 2009

Ans. The eminent environmentalist Aruna Saxena was born in 1978. She won worldwide recognition for her active involvement in the Green Revolution Movement. She was honoured with the national award to her contributions towards creating environmental awareness. A postgraduate in Environmental Science. Aruna has a keen interest in writing poetry. This is evident from her collection of poems entitled Singing Birds. Painting is another one of her interests. She has held oral important positions over the years. She was the President of the Rotary Club of Marwar in 2007 and the President of the Poetry Club in 2009

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