5.Biographical Sketch of Ustad Rahi Khan

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 Chen below notes on the life of Ustad Rahi Khan. Write a biographical sketch of his in about 100 words.

 Born – March 211. 1926 in Sitapur. U.P.

His ancestors – Famous musicians

At the age six – Moved to Varanasi

Received training – Under Ustad Amir Ali Khan – a sitar player

Started performing at the age of 14

Performed in India and abroad

Awarded Padain Shri in 1967

Established a music school at Varanasi

 Died – August 21st 2004

One of the best examples of Hindu- Muslim Unity

 Ans. Ustad Rahi Khan was born on 21″ March. 1926 in Sitapur, a town in Uttar Pradesh. His ancestors were famous musicians. At the age of six. He moved to Varanasi. He received training under the sitar player Ustad Amir Ali Khan. Ile started performing at the early age of fourteen. He performed extensively in India and abroad. He was awarded the Padam Shri in 1967 established a music school in Varanasi. Ile passed away on 21″ August 2001 His life is one of the best examples of Hindu- Muslim unity.

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